‘The Andy Baker Tape:’ ‘Creep,’ But Make it Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

The Andy Baker Tape, a new found footage horror movie, opened the Unnamed Footage Festival’s 12-hour livestream, and combined the juicy elements of Patrick Brice’s Creep with the unique twist of having a YouTube foodie as the main character, giving the viewer glorious shots of delicious food before seriously unsettling them. 

The film follows food blogger Jeff Blake, a YouTube food “celebrity” that is on the cusp of getting his huge break with his own show on Food Network. For one of his final YouTube videos, he finds out that he has a half-brother and decides to visit him and make a food video. He meets him in a woodsy cabin area and it’s clear that they live very different lives. Despite this, he tries to make it work and connect with his brother, Andy Baker. 

The actors behind them did extraordinarily well at conveying their characters in ways that are both charismatic and appropriately annoying. Bret Lada as Jeff Blake perfectly captured the feel of a YouTube vlogger that yearns for more power and more celebrity. Dustin Fontaine as Andy Blake gives a nuanced performance as someone who is not just sinister, but an actual person with actual motivations that are relatable to the viewer. 

The film is very dialogue-heavy at times, but the viewer never feels bored because of the energy the actors bring into the film. 

The Andy Baker Show Unnamed Footage Festival

The progression of their relationship is entirely familiar for those who have uncomfortably connected with family members they’ve never met or haven’t seen in awhile. 

Personally, I also love food shows, especially internet food shows, so I found the premise centered around a Food Network-wannabe to be brilliant for found footage and was a fun reprieve from the regular same old, same old. 

The film’s dialogue captures the uncertainty of the intentions behind meeting new people and the awkwardness of those interactions, perhaps making it most in debt to Creep’s brilliant screenwriting. 

It doesn’t stay scary throughout. It’s much more an ominous slow-burn, but it definitely has some sequences that will freak some people out. 

If you are looking for a potential stalker movie with some twists and turns, The Andy Baker Tape may be for you, but if your love for found footage centers more in supernatural occurrences or gore, then you may want to wait for the next one. 

The Unnamed Footage Festival is a found footage film festival that showcases underrated or lesser-known found footage and POV horror films. This year, they had an in-person film festival as well as a 12-hour livestream event. Check out our favorite films of the in-person event.  

Check out the trailer for The Andy Baker Tape below.