‘The Seed’ Review: Influencers and Aliens Get Freaky in the Desert

Alien invasion movies are nothing new, but rarely are they done in such a bizarrely comedic way. Mixing Heathers with Color Out of SpaceThe Seed marks the directorial debut of Sam Walker and will have its premiere on Shudder March 10

Photo Credit: Shudder

Let’s set the scene: three gal pals (Lucy Martin, Sophie Vavasseur and Chelsea Edge) who have grown apart over the years head to one of their parents’ vacation homes in the middle of the Mojave desert for a pool photoshoot and because of a meteor shower happening that night. After the meteor shower, the girls’ phones stop working, and then a large, oozing black rock falls into their pool from the sky. The girls fish it out and realize that they now have a weird baby alien that has crashed their vacay and they begrudgingly have to take care of. 

And that’s when it starts getting really weird, in an erotic and gooey way.

The Seed Horror Movie

Chelsea Edge as Charlotte  – Photo Credit: Shudder

This film won’t change your life. The characters are basic and the writing could definitely be better, but it does make for an entertaining watch that blends weird humor with gross-out special effects. 

Instead of freaking out about the alien, the girls exasperatedly throw their hands in the air and say “well, I guess this is our responsibility now,” an inconvenience to their Saturday. This could have very well been a more basic sci-fi flick had the seed fallen anywhere else, but the off-kilter humor and ridiculousness of the characters is what makes it worth a watch. 

Instead of asking what it is, or why it’s there, the biggest concern on the girls’ minds are how smelly and loud it is. 

Despite their vapid nature, somewhat simple characterization and lack of context, the three actresses do a great job in their roles, especially Martin as a toxic and later deranged high maintenance influencer.

The Seed Review

Lucy Martin as Deidre – Photo Credit: Shudder

The alien itself is one of the best characters, looking like a mix between baby Godzilla and a particularly ugly turtle, and yet the girls refer to it only as a smelly bear. His intentions are never known, but he still makes his mark as a master manipulator and with his kinky activities. 

Perhaps the best part of this film is what’s hiding behind the plot. These girls have social media-distracted, one-track minds, but the movie implies that a lot is happening outside of their attention. Are they alone in having no internet? What happened to their mysterious neighbor? 

Dare I say the meteor shower is a stand-in for using real world events as social media virtue signaling by privileged people, while willfully ignoring the consequences of such events? That may be a bit much intention for this movie, but either way, it’s a fun romp. 

The Seed feels like lounging next to a pool, smoking weed, as the world ends. Since it is a situational comedy, it is a little slow and a little meandering which could be a detractor, but when it does get to the action it gets real strange and chaotic. Kudos to Vavasseur for eating raw eggs (shells and all)! Check out a clip of that below. 

In terms of film production, I was a fan of keeping the film in the single location of a secluded villa. The cinematography was also eye catching and the makeup and costuming of the girls was fun, especially Martin’s character. The design of the alien was unique and gross, although some might not vibe with it. 

Does it have its faults? Sure. The characters are pretty one dimensional, and the dialogue can be hit or miss, but if you’re in the mood to laugh it can be very funny. The ending could have been more compelling, but at least it wasn’t boring. 

As a directorial debut for Walker, it’s pretty impressive for its absurd chain of events focusing on just three characters. While not a masterpiece, it will entertain you or a crowd. Those who have Shudder should think about checking out The Seed when it premieres March 10.