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MAD GOD Review – Phil Tippett’s Gruesomely Savage Feature

Phil Tippett’s Mad GodIt’s hard to say what is more shocking about Phil Tippett’s Mad God, a savage feature that has been called the most graphic movie ever made. Is it Tippett’s view of human nature, his non-verbal characters, or that the film started production in 1987, years before many of us wer

‘Swallowed’ Review: Bugs, Drugs and Body Horror

Swallowed starts off innocently enough with an intimate dance between two friends on the cusp of a life-changing move, then goes off the deep end with an anxiety-inducing drug deal gone wrong with lots of surprising body horror. From director Carter Smith, who also did the 2008 The Ruins and more re

‘RRR’ is a Modern, Non-stop Action Epic That Just Hit Netflix

Although not a horror movie, RRR, now streaming on Netflix (US), is just so grand, so epic, so sprawling we just couldn’t allow you to miss it — we just had to let you know it exists.Subtitles aren’t distractingWe know some of you are a bit apprehensive when it comes to subtitles but given how much

Review: ‘Unhuman’, A Blumhouse After School Special

As the newest film in an eight-picture tv-movie partnership between EPIX and Blumhouse Television, Unhuman proudly opens with a title card claiming it a “Blumhouse Afterschool Special”. The film proudly leans in to this special descriptor, tossing in a teen morality tale that makes Unhuman more than

Review: ‘Torn Hearts’ Croons a Country Music Horror Story

Set deep in the music scene of Nashville, Torn Hearts asks the age-old question; how far would you go to achieve your dreams? Produced by Blumhouse Television and Epix, written by Rachel Koller Croft, and directed by Brea Grant, Torn Hearts follows an ambitious country music duo – Jordan (Abby Quinn

Horror Movie Review: The Innocents

In The Innocents, Eskil Voget’s sophomore feature, the kids reign supreme.It’s the kids, their hones and hormones, that run things around here, starting with a group of skinny, wide-eyed rascals that conjure up powers like X-Men on training wheels.These powers remain largely on the edges of this hor

‘Neptune Frost’: A Cyberpunk Anti-Capitalist Queer Love Story

Neptune Frost is one of those rare movies that when you’re watching it, you can tell will be a cult classic right as it comes out. Utilizing some of the most innovative and eye-catching production design in 2022 cinema paired with a cyberpunk, queer, sci-fi African concept, this film is simply somet

‘Nitram’: Portrait of an Aussie Serial Killer

Justin Kurzel is one of the true success stores when it comes to horror directors. Starting out with the unsettlingly disturbing The Snowtown Murders in 2011, he has moved throughout the years into bigger projects that encompass many different genres (The True History of the Kelly Gang, Macbeth, Ass

Unnamed Footage Festival Recap: Best of the Fest

The Unnamed Footage Festival is quickly becoming one of my favorite film festivals: after last year’s 24-hour online livestream, this year’s festival was eagerly anticipated, and did not disappoint. While it returned to the real world after lifting COVID restrictions, what it lacked in the fantastic

‘Wesens’ Review: You Haven’t Seen an Alien Movie Like This Before

Wesens is one of the rare found footage horror movies that delves into the philosophical and the emotional. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also a period piece. This South African debut film of Derick Muller opens up found footage to new heights and sets the standard for utilizing for genre for sty

Review: ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ Is a Scary Good Action Horror Anime Movie

You ever get a strange feeling like you’re being watched or something unseen caused something bad to happen to you? It may not just be fate, poor choices, or gremlins… it could be caused by a Curse. A malevolent spiritual entity created by a person’s negative energy coalescing that can attach itself

‘The Seed’ Review: Influencers and Aliens Get Freaky in the Desert

Alien invasion movies are nothing new, but rarely are they done in such a bizarrely comedic way. Mixing Heathers with Color Out of Space, The Seed marks the directorial debut of Sam Walker and will have its premiere on Shudder March 10. Photo Credit: ShudderLet’s set the scene: three gal pals (Lucy

‘Fresh’ Review: The Danger of All-Consuming Love

The whole experience of dating is exciting, fresh, and yet somehow the absolute worst. You spend a depressing amount of time swiping past different versions of the same stock pics (pose with a fish! Pose with a car! Pose with all of your friends so we know you’re social and cool! Now show those abs

Apocalyptic Christmas Romp ‘Silent Night’ is Coming to Blu-Ray

Silent Night is a film that sets itself firmly apart from anything else that has come before it in the same genre combo. It makes itself a nice space on the shelf for an apocalyptic Christmas film. But, it isn’t all bleak. The ensemble cast keeps at work throughout to make it a posh and hilarious ex

Review: ‘The Long Walk’ is a Paranormal Time Travel Epic

Director Mattie Do, the first female Lao director, has already made a great cultural impact by showcasing her country’s culture on the global stage with her previous films including Dearest Sister, the first horror film ever produced in Laos. Her latest film, The Long Walk, is an even more ambitious

Horror in Black and White: ‘The Night of the Hunter’ (1955)

Directed by Charles Laughton (The Old Dark House) and written by James Agee–based on the novel by Davis Grubb–The Night of the Hunter may not, on its surface or from a vague synopsis, sound much like a horror film.Indeed, if you only read the first available synopsis on the film’s IMDb page, you mig