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TIFF 2021: ‘Saloum’ Bends Genres and Slings Bullets

Written and directed by Jean Luc Herbulot, Senegal’s Saloumfollows a trio of mercenaries — Bangui’s Hyenas — who find themselves stranded on their way to escort a drug lord into Dakar. Grounded by a fuel-deficient plane, their only option is to blend in with the tourists at a nearby holiday encampme

TIFF 2021: ‘You Are Not My Mother’ Feeds Familial Fear

Writer/director Kate Dolan’s You Are Not My Mother is a chilling take on the changeling folklore of Ireland, and a very strong first feature. Made on a small budget and set around the festival of Samhain, it’s an impressive debut from Dolan (whose short film Catcalls is available on Shudder, for tho

TIFF 2021: ‘Dashcam’ is a Challenging, Chaotic Thrill Ride

Director Rob Savage is becoming a new master of horror. His films craft fear with a determined resolve; he builds tension, releases it with a light laugh, and pushes in on effective jump scares that — even when expected — are surprisingly rattling. With his first film, Host, Savage created an impres

Fantasia 2021 Review: ‘When I Consume You’ Will Eat You Alive

When I Consume You — the third feature from writer/director Perry Blackshear, after They Look Like People and The Siren — follows adult siblings Wilson (Evan Dumouchel) and Daphne (Libby Ewing) as they seek revenge against a mysterious yellow-eyed stalker that hunts them in the night. Filmed in 2019

Fantasia 2021 Review: ‘What Josiah Saw’ Stares Into Darkness

Dark, brooding, and a little twisted, What Josiah Saw is a disturbing southern gothic tale that crawls under your skin. Starring Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Nick Stahl (Hunter Hunter), Scott Haze (Antlers), Kelli Garner (Lars and the Real Girl), Jake Weber (Dawn of the Dead), and Tony Hale (Arres

‘The Empty Man’ is an Insidiously Unnerving Horror Film

David Prior’s The Empty Man has slowly taken over internet buzz, not unlike the film’s titular villain. One day, I had no idea what it was. The next, I began to notice mentions here and there. Now? It’s everywhere.One of final films produced by Fox before it was bought by Disney, The Empty Man is ba

Review: ‘Let Us In’ Is a Fun But Flawed Sci-Fi Horror For Younger Fans

Every part of this country is crawling with local legends and folk monsters. You got Mothman in Virginia, The Lake Champlain Monster in Vermont, and Bigfoot is everywhere. In more esoteric circles and a bit more modern tales, there’s The Black Eyed Children. Allegedly, they’re groups of pale kids th

‘Fear Street Part 2: 1978’ Piles on the ’70s Slasher Nostalgia

Netflix’sFear Street Trilogy, based on the popular books by R.L. Stine, continues this week with the blood-spattered, nostalgia-soaked Fear Street Part 2: 1978.For those who have been keeping up, at the end of the first film, Deena (Kiana Madeira) and Josh (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) were attempting to,

‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ is a Pitch Perfect 90s Slasher with a Twist

Netflix’sFear Street Trilogy debuts this week with Fear Street Part 1: 1994, and as far as this reviewer is concerned it’s a grand slam.Obviously set in 1994, the film sets up the story of Shadyside, a town plagued by inexplicable metaphorical darkness, a supernaturally influenced past, and very rea

REVIEW: ‘Stalker’ Taps Into Post-Quarantine Anxieties

Using driving apps like Uber or Lyft has become a necessary and somewhat awkward experience that people on both sides of the coin have to endure as a part of everyday life. Turns out, being in an intimate space with a stranger alone can be either an okay, uneventful experience, or a bad one. In the

REVIEW: ‘Untitled Horror Movie’ Has Meta Comedy, Horror Not So Much

“2021 is the year of found footage,” so says the actors and producers that make up the comedic, low budget Untitled Horror Movie, directed by Nick Simon that was filmed on iPhones during the pandemic. Following on the coattails of popular, innovative and low budget found footage Zoom-style horror fi

Review: ‘Caveat’ is an Effectively Chilling, Atmospheric Irish Horror

Written, directed, and edited by Damian McCarthy, Caveat is a creeping, atmospheric Irish horror with an overflowing sense of dread and a decaying aesthetic. Filmed in Cork, Ireland, Caveat is the feature film debut for McCarthy following a series of horror shorts that set a moody scene, building to

‘Ghost Lab’ is a Chilling, Emotionally Driven Supernatural Thriller

Ghost Lab is out on Netflix today. The Thai supernatural thriller brings an emotionally charged story to the foreground even in the midst of terrifying paranormal experiences.The film centers on Gla (Paris Intarakomalyasut) and Wee (Thanapob Leeratanakachorn), two doctors who experience a ghost sigh

Review: ‘Spare Parts’ Thrums With a Punk Rock Skull-Smashing Spirit

While I’ve previously discussed horror films in which bands must face the music (and their own mortality), Spare Parts is unlike anything on that list. In the film, an all-girl punk group named Ms. 45 (which is not only a rad band name, but also an excellent genre reference) are shredding their way