Eli Roth’s New Series, ‘Urban Legend’ Gets First Trailer

Eli Roth has a heck of a deal with Travel Channel. The dude has not one but three new specials coming up. This includes two new series and a Halloween special. That must have been great for Roth.

His upcoming series’ Urban Legend and My Possessed Pet are both unique stories taking things to very interesting new places. One series focuses on anthology tales of focusing on classic urban legends and a story that focuses on deceased pets.

The synopsis for Urban Legend goes like this:

Based on widely shared “true” stories that happened to a friend of a friend … of a friend, each episode of URBAN LEGEND is a mini-horror film cinematically crafted to deliver a hyper-suspenseful and tension-fueled experience. Featuring lurking psychopaths, murderous mysteries, creepy creatures and twisting tales, these disturbing legends prey on our most deeply embedded fears to shock and terrify. This nightmarish anthology series, under the creative guidance of master of horror Eli Roth, showcases eight one-hour episodes of classic urban legends as you’ve never seen them before.

The synopsis for My Possessed Pet goes like this:

The series explores the true, terrifying tales of what happens when evil spirits, curses and demons take over family pets. Each of the four one-hour episodes will follow the chilling and deeply personal story of someone who has had their profound and loving relationship ripped apart by supernatural forces beyond their control. Using dramatic recreations, the real owners share how the beloved member of their family, that once had brought joy to their lives, transformed into the most horrible situation imaginable.

All that in addition to a Halloween special that Roth is doing with Zak Bagans called The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno.

My Possessed Pet premieres on September 30 and Urban Legend premieres on October 28. Roth and Bagan’s Halloween special The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno premieres on October 31.