‘The Transformers: The Movie’ is Coming Back to Theaters for 2 Nights to Celebrate its 35th Anniversary

Well, The Transformers is here to remind us of our mortality and that we are aging. The Transformers: The Movie is coming back to theaters to celebrate its 35th anniversary for two special nights only. The Fathom Events shindig is coming back to the big screen to blast Decepticon butt and to make us cry like we are small children all over again.

The synopsis for The Transformers: The Movie goes like this:

“For millennia, the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), have been at war with the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron (Frank Welker). As the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on Earth, an even greater threat looms. Unicron (Orson Welles, Citizen Kane), a colossal converting planet who consumes everything in his path, is heading for Cybertron to devour the Transformers homeworld and wipe the Autobots and Decepticons from existence. The only hope is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. With new enemies hunting them down and dangers lurking in every corner of the galaxy, the Autobots take on a perilous mission to save their planet that will alter their destiny forever.”

This movie was tremendous as a kid. It was also completely devastating and had no business bumming out an entire generation of kids. I mean, this one came out swinging and instantly proved that it was going to be hardcore compared to the show. Spoilers, it killed longtime characters willy-nilly.

You can pre-order your tickets right HERE for two big nights taking place on Sept. 26 and 27. Check listings at the link to see if it’s playing in your area.

Did you cry as much as we did during The Transformers: The Movie?