Bill Duke Says That Jean Claude Van Damme Was Fired From ‘Predator’ for Being Dehydrated

Recently the internet becomes very upset to hear an actor was over worked by a studio. A 12 hour day filled with getting yelled at is okay for us shlubs out in the world working non movie gigs, but actors that are forced to work a bunch of hours and get yelled at by their director is public enemy number one. Well, internet is about to get super upset and rightfully so at Jean-Claude Van Damme getting fired for… get this… being dehydrated and almost dying.

By now, most of us know that Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally going to play the Predator. His version of the great hunter had a very different look. The look used to be very insect looking as oppose to what it became. Kevin Walker Hall eventually took on the role of the Predator and made the role iconic.

Van Damme has always said that his involvement in the film was nightmarish. He was constantly dehydrated and sick on set due to the suit and incredible jungle heat.

Predator actor Bill Duke spoke to Murder Master Music and said that his co-star was indeed in big trouble with dehydration.

We were in the jungles of Puerto Vallarta and Palenque for a long time. I don’t know if you know this story or not, but the Predator that you saw was not the original Predator. The original Predator was a much smaller creature and they were going to put the special effects on his body in post-production. So he had a stealth suit on and they put him on wires and he flew up in the trees with the wires on his back like he was flying. He had passed out twice from dehydration, and the producer came over to him and said, ‘If you pass out again, I’m gonna fire you.’ And the guy said, ‘I’m not passing out on purpose! I’m dehydrated!’ The producer said, ‘Don’t pass out again.’ Two weeks go by, and the guy passes out. The producer goes over and fires him. That person was Jean-Claude Van Damme.” Duke told Murder Master Music.

Can you imagine being fired for fucking being dehydrated? Incredible.

In the end it worked out great for Van Damme. The dude went on to become a huge martial arts action star. So, I’m sure he is well into the bygones being bygones phase. Plus, can you imagine if that Predator suit had been the one that was used? It probably wouldn’t have become the smash hit that it became.

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