Francis Ford Coppola’s Creepy and Gorgeous ‘Dementia 13’ is Coming to Blu-Ray

Francis Ford Coppola is a legend. If he had only made The Godfather he would already have achieved that title. If he had only directed Apocalypse Now, he would have achieved that title. But, he just had to keep going, and making great film after great film, we won’t talk about Godfather III. Vestron Video’s Collector’s Series is releasing a great blu-ray for Dementia 13, Coppola’s first film.

To add to that already fantastic news is that this release will additionally be a proper director’s cut of the film. Recently, Coppola has gone back to his classics such as Apocalypse Now and cleaned them up and gave us the very best looking version of the film that exists. Coppola didn’t leave his baby out of this process. Dementia 13 is obviously significant to him, being his first film and all. The film that would launch one of our times best directors down a blazing trail.

“DEMENTIA 13 obviously occupies a place in my heart as my first film and I’m very proud that it can now exist as I intended it,” Coppola said.

The synopsis for Dementia 13 goes like this:

A widow deceives her late husband’s mother and brothers into thinking he’s still alive when she attends the yearly memorial to his drowned sister, hoping to secure his inheritance. But her cunning is no match for the demented, axe-wielding thing roaming the grounds of the family’s Irish estate.

Dementia 13 comes to blu-ray and digital beginning  Sept. 21.Oddly, there won’t be a 4K release of the film… at least not physically. The digital version will be in 4K.