‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ is Finally Receiving a Sequel

1993’s A Nightmare Before Christmas film by Tim Burton gave us a thorough telling of Jack Skellington’s story. It touched on Sally’s narrative a bit but not as much as Jacks. The follow up to A Nightmare Before Christmas will tell the story of Sally and will take place not long after Jack and Sally shared the iconic kiss on the equally iconic spiral landmark.

Disney Publishing hired Shea Ernshaw to pen a novel that will follow Sally and tell her story alongside Jack. As I said above, the story will follow Sally after their kiss and will tell her story from that point on and from her point of view. This includes Jack and Sally’s married life, where they live happily together as Pumpkin King and Queen.

The story will focus on an event that has Jack and Sally accidentally set a Halloween Town villain free. This creates a bit of chaos across the holiday realms that were introduced in A Nightmare Before Christmas. This leads to Jack and Sally along with a host of familiar characters from the the 93 Tim Burton film setting out to save the holiday realms.

The entire thing is told from Sally’s perspective, and acts as a coming of age adventure.

“He had grown tired of being the Pumpkin King, and in his longing for something more, he plotted to take over Christmas. In this book, I really wanted to explore Sally’s identity, and better understand not only who she is now that she’s fallen in love with Jack and taken on the role of the Pumpkin Queen, but also understand how her past has affected her present desires, doubts, and dreams.” author, Ernshaw told iO9 during a Disney Q&A.

The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel novel is looking to release in July 2022.

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