Henry Thomas is in a Bloody Fight For His Life in ‘Crawlspace’ Trailer

Henry Thomas is playing a sort of Die Hard like roll in the latest film Crawlspace. In this one he plays a plumber who is out to do some work on a house. Well, while he is in the house’s crawlspace all hell breaks loose and he has to spend the rest of the film trying to survive and save a boatload of cash in the process.

The whole thing actually does look like a pretty fun time. Plus, we are Henry Thomas fans. The idea of him playing an action hero is pretty exciting and unexpected. You need to watch the trailer below. There is a moment when Thomas has a one-liner that beats all one-liners. It’s hilarious to boot.

The synopsis for Crawlspace goes like this:

a family man who must fight for survival when he finds himself trapped in the crawlspace of a remote Oregon cabin, where ruthless poachers have stashed their fortune.

You can watch Crawlspace right now on Amazon.