Female-Led Action Potboiler ‘V for Vengeance’ Trailer Looks Promising

Although this title from Paramount came out of nowhere, we have to admit — going by the trailer —  it looks pretty promising.

We haven’t had an action vampire movie since, well, two months ago. That is if you’re not counting Morbius’ re-release. Still, we can swap Leto for stilettos if the story is good. And V for Vengeance looks like a fun time.

We will probably be watching it, but tell us what you think. If you have seen it, drop a small review in the comments.


Emma and Scarlett are two rebel vampires on a mission in this action-packed, take-no-prisoners thriller that tests the bonds of family. After learning that their little sister, Kate, escaped an earlier kidnapping attempt that also killed their parents, the two estranged sisters must join forces to rescue her from a group of blood-thirsty vampires led by Thorn.

Out for revenge and control of a vampirism vaccine, Thorn and his band of the undead will soon learn that they messed with the wrong family in this ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Featuring: Jocelyn Hudon, Grace Van Dien, Sean Maguire, Christopher Russell, Pauline Dyer, Graham Greene, Alix Villaret