Trailer Released For Witchy Psychological Horror Film SHE WILL

The trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film She Will has landed online with quite the buzz.  This will be the feature film directorial debut for Director Charlotte Colbert and is being produced by the legendary Dario Argento.

What happens to the spirits of the witches burned at the stake?

The synopsis for She Will is as follows:

The film explores the story of Veronica Ghent (Alice Krige) who after a double mastectomy, goes to a healing retreat in rural Scotland with her young nurse Desi (Kota Eberhardt). She discovers that the process of such surgery opens up questions about her very existence, leading her to start to question and confront past traumas. The two develop an unlikely bond as mysterious forces give Veronica the power to enact revenge within her dreams.

The trailer for She Will is dark and moody in all the right ways!

“The story of She Will has themes I’ve always been interested in within my practice and within my life,” director Colbert told Variety in the initial announcement. “How trauma blurs our experience of reality and time, how nature holds so much solace, how we all carry within us the muscle memory of those who came before and those who will come after, how the infinitely small, like a cell, contains the same patterns as the universe. How meaning and perspective and reality and time are all such fragile constructs that can break at any time. The genre of psychological horror seems to allow more artistic freedom than drama. It also at its heart fittingly captures those existential feelings.” – Director Charlotte Colbert

She Will premieres in theaters and on-demand July 15 from IFC Midnight, followed by a Shudder launch on October 14th.