‘Train to Busan’ Director is Back to Scare You All Over Again With ‘HellBound’

Not to be confused with Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Hellbound, director, Yeon Sang-ho is sending us to hell in a hand basket. The new trailer for his latest film dropped and it looks like its going to be a very cool ride.

In the trailer, we see someone being taken to hell by some Hulk/Venom babies. Three of them come to Earth to take this poor dude to hell leaving only a smouldering bit of ash behind.

Sang-Ho’s films are great and always have a through line of huge emotion. Train to Busan for example was a big sob fest from yours truly. You don’t go into his films getting exactly what you expect and we are sure that this one will be more of the same.

The synopsis for Hellbound goes like this:

Investigating the phenomenon of “proclamations” and ritualistic murders is police detective Jin Kyung-hoon (Yang Ik-june). Examining the mysterious sect are broadcast journalist Bae Young-jae (Park Jeong-min) and lawyer of the accused sinners Min Hey-jin (Kim Hyun-joo). Together, these three investigators search for answers in this wildly original commentary on the growing anxieties of a nation.

The demons sent to fetch our dudes soul look very iffy in the CG department. Train to Busan’s spiritual sequel, Peninsula suffered from the same sort of iffy CG. But, we are hoping that the story makes up for it.

Hellbound digitally premiere’s via TIFF on Sept. 17.