Jake Gyllenhaal Stars in a Tense Thriller Taking Place Over One Night’s Phone Call

The powers that be wasted no time at all getting to a remake of the insanely good thriller Danish film, The Guilty. The American remake seems to be an exact remake of the original from what I can tell. This time instead of Jakob Cedergren at the center of the film, we have Jake Gyllenhaal.

The film being brought at us from Netflix is looking sharp, and with Gyllenhaal at its center what’s not to be excited about?

The synopsis for The Guilty goes like this:

Yesterday, audiences were encouraged to discover the thrilling mystery of THE GUILTY by calling a phone number and hearing the first heart-stopping phone call between 911 operator Joey Baylor and a cryptic woman named Emily. Whether by looking at the sky in LA and OC, or following clues on Instagram, fans could dive into the world of THE GUILTY.

The original actually received Oscar attention, so I’m curious if this one will as well. The short trailer doesn’t give anything in the way of actual footage, it just gives us a tease of the phone call that sets the whole film into action.

The Guilty arrives in theaters Sept. 24 and Oct. 1 on VOD and Digital.

Did you see the original film? Are you excited about the remake? Let us know in the comments section.