John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ Pinball Machine Looks Full-Tilt Awesome

The latest pinball machine in the horror corner of the world is a very nice looking one for John Carpenter’s Halloween. The fantastic machine comes loaded with everything that you would desire it to come with, right down to the famous theme song. Spooky Pinball LLC. has gone out of its way once again, their previous machines have included Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper models.

The latest machine outdoes the others in my opinion. It comes loaded with amazing art by Jason Edmiston that covers the entire machine. They even got P.J. Soles to record voice work and as mentioned of course it has the theme song to Halloween.

The official description provided by Spooky Pinball LLC. goes like this:

Finally, a true horror game for fans of all things Spooky! Do battle against Michael Myers in Haddonfield. Features clips from the original film, custom speech including from the original cast PJ Soles! The complete original film score and newly inspired by the classic film music from Matt “Count D” Montgomery. Incredible custom art from Jason Edmiston, and more features than you can stab a pumpkin with! Availble at 9 am central on July 7th for Spooky Pinball Fang Club members. Get one now, before HE gets YOU!

The Halloween pinball machine goes on sale beginning July 7.

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