Elijah Wood Sits Across From Ted Bundy in ‘No Man of God’ Trailer

Another Ted Bundy picture is headed our way. This time around the film, No Man of God focuses on the conversations between FBI Investigator, Bill Hagmaier and Bundy. If you recall the relationship between the two was a complicated one. Bundy would go from not wanting to talk at all to all of a sudden wanting to talk about everything.

Bundy kept Hagmaier on his toes with this sociopathic tendencies eventually winning out. The more Bundy wasn’t able to talk about the work he did that he was proud of, the more it bothered him. Eventually, he would end up talking about his crimes in great detail.

The synopsis for No Man of God goes like this:

In 1980, Ted Bundy was sentenced to death by electrocution. In the years that followed, he agreed to disclose the details of his crimes, but only to one man. NO MAN OF GOD is based on the true story of the strange and complicated relationship that developed between FBI agent Bill Hagmaier and an incarcerated Ted Bundy in the years leading to Bundy’s execution.

No Man of God lands in theaters, on demand and digital beginning Aug. 27.

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