Well Hello, ‘Dexter’ Morgan Season 9 Teaser

Dexter Morgan is back and is begging you please don’t let him be misunderstood. The latest teaser gives us a quick look at Dexter. This is our first look at him since the series ended with “final” season a few years back.

That’s right the guy that we left in the woods  in self exile with a horrible beard so many years back, is back. It appears from the trailer that Dex is still living the quiet life… at least his habitat is quiet. Not so much for the interior of his cabin which if you listen carefully, you can hear gagged cries for help coming from somewhere.

We all knew that a revisit to Dexter would mean revisit to his Dark Passenger and we weren’t wrong at all. His passenger is indeed back. In recent rumors we have also heard that Jennifer Carpenter’s is back too as dear old sister Deb. We can’t confirm that yet, but my money is on that being true. Question is, will she be out to kill him? Or, will she be out to help him?

What do you guys think about a return to Dexter? Let us know in the comments.

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