(True Scary Stories) Terror Tales Complete Season 1 (full HD)

(True Scary Stories) Terror Tales Complete Season 1 (full HD)

Posted on 02/12/2020

True Scary Stories!!!!
Enjoy the season 1 compilation of every episode for you to binge-watch in less than an hour.

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We want to produce your stories, lore, urban legends, whatever you've experienced that freaked you out. Instead of just telling people the stories, we want to provide you the opportunity to show them via a link to an awesome reenactment of your experience.

Please send any stories to TerrorTales@cineviewstudiosFL.com, and it may be chosen for our next episode. MAKE IT SCARY!
All stories will range from 3-5 minutes long, but feel free to be as detailed as you want within your email.

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Domonic Smith - Director

Chris Jackson - Producer

Justin Padilla - Producer

iHorror - Producer

Scott Sullivan - Producer

Daryn Murphy - Director of Photography

Chris Plourde - Producer