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TIFF Review: ‘Blood Quantum’ is a Zombie Film With Serious Bite

In 1981, a small community is rocked by the outbreak of a zombie virus. The locals are biting and turning in record time, but on the nearby Mi’kmaq reserve of Red Crow, the Indigenous residents are immune to the disease. Thus begins Blood Quantum, the second feature film written and directed by Jeff

Editorial: From Gay-Bashing to Queer-Coding in ‘IT: Chapter Two’

Fans of Stephen King have been lining up for over a week now to see IT: Chapter Two, the second half of Andy Muschietti and Gary Dauberman’s adaptation of King’s iconic novel.Response by critics and fans alike has been mostly positive, but the LGBTQ community has had a real and not totally unfounded

New Spirit Halloween Animatronics Released

At the sight of Spirit Halloween stores in early September, die hard Halloween fans feel their dark little hearts pitter patter. Spirit Halloween stores appear to be going up sooner and sooner each year. This year the first Spirit Halloween stores have been found getting their spooky stores togeth

[REVIEW] ‘Haunt’ Is All Bloody, Well & Good

A group of college kids find themselves stalked inside an extreme haunted house attraction in Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ (A Quiet Place) violent new feature film Haunt (2019). Things go slice in the night as the group is pursued by a gang of bloodthirsty psychos who seem preoccupied with altering t

‘Castle Rock’ Seasons Two Teaser Trailer is All about Annie Wilkes!

Season two of Hulu’s Castle Rock is on the horizon and the streaming platform has dropped the first teaser trailer in anticipation of its release.Drawing on the works of Stephen King with J.J. Abrams as executive producer, the series is set in the fictional town of Castle Rock where even the most mu

‘Murder House Flip’ or Flop?

The new streaming service Quibi has announced their upcoming release of Murder House Flip in 2020. With a title like that, you are certainly not burying the lead.In an era of DIY home networks and home renovation shows spawning by the dozen, what possible new angle could be explored? Well, Quibi f

13X Studios Empire Expands

Business owner Rick Styczynski began 13X Studios, a mask making company, 3 years ago. From an idea that started with the sale of only a few masks over Etsy, he has now sold thousands!1. What was the reason behind starting 13x Studios?Rick: 13X Studios came from very humble beginnings. Three years

iHorror Film Festival Announces Official Award Nominations

It’s Friday the 13th and a Full Harvest Moon, and we here at iHorror are celebrating with this spooky combination with a very special announcement for those films chosen to screen in the first ever iHorror Film Festival!With only 22 days left until the curtain goes up, we are excited to present the