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HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Series Finds Director For Pilot Episode

The Last of Us is one of those HBO projects that a lot of fans cannot wait for. The series that follows the events of the post apocalyptic game are well underway and has now found its pilot episode director. Showrunner Craig Mazin the dude behind the terrifying and sobering Chernobyl will over see t

‘Swamp Thing’ Will Sadly Not Return For a Season 2

Despite the popularity of Swamp Thing the series will sadly not be making a comeback. The Len Wiseman and James Wan produced series was originally streamed on DC’s streaming service which quickly went under. It was then moved over to the CW. That move brought up hopes that the series would once agai

HAUNTED HISTORY – St. Louis Cemetery New Orleans

St Louis Cemetery #1 was built in 1789 on a span of one block. The grounds hold over 700 tombs with over 100,000 dead and counting, as it is still used today for burials for the price of only $40,000. This is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States with over 200 years

John Carpenter is Getting His Very Own Horror Podcast

John Carpenter is getting into the podcast game via Serial Box. This won’t be the usual obligatory chat about film though. These will be well polished horror stories that all get the “John Carpenter Presents” treatment. These sound like they will be more like old time radio shows, complete with Fole

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Bumped Up To March on HBO Max And In Theaters

The ever-in-flux release dates for blockbusters just got another boost as Godzilla vs. Kong is headed to theaters and HBO Max two months early. The epic Kaiju battle was scheduled to take place in May but Deadline has reported Warner Bros. is bumping that up to March 26, 2021.The battleground isn’t

‘Willy’s Wonderland’ Trailer Is All Caged Up And Ready To Party

Nicolas Cage takes on a bunch of rogue kid’s fun center automatons in Willy’s Wonderland coming to On Demand February 12, 2021. The film has had a name change; it was once titled Wally’s Wonderland. The official trailer dropped today and you can view it below.This Cage vehicle was announced back in

Make ‘Em Laugh: 10 Hilarious Horror Parodies Made on a Microbudget

There are a wealth of low-budget horror movies, and there are some true treasures out there. Low budget indie horror gives the opportunity for anyone with a creative vision to make it come to life, with their own ideas, their own passions, and often their own friends. Given the general state of… eve

Simon McQuoid’s ‘Mortal Kombat’ Strikes Hard with First-Look Images

Fans of Mortal Kombat get ready. The brand new film, spear-headed by Simon McQuoid, is expected to release this year. In anticipation of that, the production released first-look photos from the film today, and from what we’re seeing, this could be one hell of a ride.Based on the video games which ro

Supernatural Horror Movie ‘Sator’ is Half Fact, Half Fiction

The new psychological horror movie from director Jordan Graham called Sator will release digitally on February 9, 2021. Mixing in real footage, Sator feels almost documentarian in style which is exactly what Graham was going for.“Sator is quite personal to me,” he says. “It delves into my family’s d