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Take A Look At These Spooky Contacts For Halloween

Are you ready for a creepy new look; a whole new you? Well now is as good as time as any especially after you see how safe, comfortable and totally realistic these frightful eye-cessories are!Spooky season is officially upon us! If you haven’t put together all the details for your creepy costumes, w

Pete Davison and James DeMonaco Join Up For a Horror Film

It isn’t the first time that a comedian reached across the isle to go a little darker. Jordan Peele is the latest and greatest case. His work on Key and Peele was worlds away from Get Out and Us. It’s always great to see how that translates. Now, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson and James DeMonac

‘Creepshow’ Season Three Has Arrived on Shudder

Season 3 of Shudder’s Creepshow has finally arrived. While, not as long as we hope for, it’s still great to have the series back during the spooky season. As you would expect the anthology gives us a few some new horror stories to keep us up at night.One of them even features the sentinel ball from

‘Escape Blair Witch’ is a Terrifying Escape Room Experience

The world of interactive horror experiences keep on getting better and better. Even during last year, when folks were using pure ingenuity to come up with ways to socially distance and keep spooky. A lot of drive through and drive in, horror experiences popped up to save the day. Well, that train of