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BOOK REVIEW: Catherine Cavendish’s ‘The Garden of Bewitchment’

The Garden of Bewitchment, the latest novel from author Catherine Cavendish, is out on February 20, 2020 from Flame Tree Press, and is a must-read for fans of atmospheric tales of the supernatural that creep into the psyche.The year is 1893. Identical twin sisters Evelyn and Claire, burgeoning autho

Jason Blum Says ‘Halloween Kills’ is “Pretty Good”

Blumhouse’s much anticipated Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills is headed our way later this year. After what the team did with the first film, folks are rightfully excited to see where that story goes. Head of Blumhouse, Jason Blum recently was able to screen Halloween Kills in it’s entirety and in

Crawl Score Coming to Vinyl

One of my favorite horror movies of 2019 Crawl is finally having it’s soundtrack released, on vinyl none the less! Rusted Wave is releasing the score to Alexandre Aja’s alligator survival horrorMarch 6th for $28. This will be a fun addition to a horror soundtrack Wax Head’s collection. I remember th

Ghostbusters Blue Slime Twinkies Coming Later This Year

We are already pretty excited about Ghostbusters: Afterlife coming out later this year. In addition to that radness, it appears that Sony and Hostess are going to be teaming up to make us further excited for the Ghostbusters film release though. It looks like we will be receiving “blue slime” Twinki

Taika Waititi, Jude Law Team for Horror-Comedy Series ‘The Auteur’

Fresh off his recent Oscar win, Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) is developing The Auteur, a half hour horror-comedy series, for Showtime.Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes) will star in the show which, according to Deadline, will be written by Waititi and Peter Warren (Ghost Team) based on the grap

McDonald’s Reports Demonic Activity to Police

The calorie count of their Big Macs and McDoubles aren’t the only scary things about McDonald’s.Following the midnight munchies rush at a McDonald’s in Pueblo, Colorado, employees reported hearing some strange things.It all happened during the early morning hours of Thursday February 13th. The empl

‘Butt Boy’ Might Be The Craziest Movie Since ‘The Human Centipede’

For those of you who have clicked on this article because you’re interested in what a movie titled “Butt Boy” could possibly be about, believe it or not, this isn’t clickbait.The film is currently in a festival holding pattern and we could try to describe it, but we won’t. We’ll leave that to direct

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 2-18-20

What’s happening, Tightwads? Guess what day it is…? It’s Tightwad Terror Tuesday, and that means free movies from your pals at iHorror. And here they are…Hansel & Gretel Get Baked (2013), courtesy Tribeca Film.Hansel & Gretel Get BakedIn honor of the recent Oz Perkins joint Gretel & Hansel, this

Blumhouse’s ‘The Craft’ Reboot Has Wrapped Filming

Blumhouse’s The Craft reboot has wrapped shooting. That is according to none other than Jason Blum himself.When asked about The Craft by TooFab.com, Blum said that he hasn’t seen the film yet and doesn’t know anything about it at this point. He did say that he will get to see it in the next two to t