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Stephen King Thinks Pennywise Should Visit ‘Sesame Street’

Stephen King is known for a lot of things, most of them terrifying and all of them genius, but every so often the man behind Cujo, Carrie, and Christine comes up with an idea that stops us in our tracks.That’s what happened a couple of nights ago when King, on his very active Twitter account, joking

Samantha Kolesnik’s Debut Novel ‘True Crime’ Coming in January

True Crime, the debut novella from author and indie filmmaker Samantha Kolesnik (Mama’s Boy) is set to debut in January 2020 from Grindhouse Press, and early praise for the novel has us ready to dive into its dark and twisting story.In the novella, brother and sister Lim and Suzy live with their mot

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

Hey Tightwads! Are you ready for another batch of free movies? I hope you said “yes,” because here they come!Starry Eyes (2014), courtesy Dark Sky Films.Starry EyesStarry Eyes is about a young starlet who has dreams of being the next big thing in Hollywood. She gets a break, but it turns out to be

It’s Chris Pratt Versus Aliens in First ‘The Tomorrow War’ Look

Chris Pratt has temporarily put down his raptor taming gear in place of alien blasting weaponry, in the latest look at what is now titled The ‘Tomorrow War.Pratt took to his socials today to give us a peek at a row of soldiers all ready to do battle, and an quick and hilarious explanation as to how

‘Interview with the Vampire’ Hit Theaters 25 Years Ago Today

It was November 11, 1994, and Neil Jordan’s decadent adaptation of Anne Rice’s bestselling novel Interview with the Vampire was set to bring the author’s famed vampires to life for the first time on the big screen.With an estimated budget of $60 million, the film opened number one at the box office

Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Officially in ‘Ghostbusters 2020’

This is one of those ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ situations but we can officially say we have seen it. Dan Aykroyd has gone on the record on the Greg Hill Radio Show to confirm that Murray is back along with everyone else.Jason Reitman wrote a beautiful, heartfelt script that takes the real DNA

‘Fantasy Island’ Trailer Gives You Everything You Ever Wanted

The Fantasy Island trailer gives you everything you ever wanted to really discover about the old TV series.A lot of us will never forget ‘The Plane, The Plane!’ uttered enthusiastically by Hervé Villechaize in the 77′ Fantasy Island series. The show followed the events of a mysterious island hosted

‘Scoob’ Trailer Takes Us Back in Time to the Moment Scooby Met Shaggy

There’s a brand new animated feature headed our way next year that will take us back to the moment where Scooby met Shaggy! It’s called Scoob and we’re feeling all nostalgic just watching the trailer.Not only will we see the famed duo meet for the first time, but we’ll also be treated to an origin s

Stephen King Isn’t Fazed by ‘Doctor Sleep’s Low Box Office Numbers

Yesterday brought box office watchers a surprise, as despite being widely predicted to easily take #1 domestically, new Stephen King adaptation Doctor Sleep fell flat financially. The film earned a mere $14 million on the way to a second place finish.A follow-up report from Deadline is now even sugg

‘Crooked Man’ Actor Offers Update on ‘Conjuring 2’ Spinoff

It’s a bit crazy that The Conjuring franchise has been going strong at the box office for six years now. We really don’t get that many long-running theatrical horror franchises anymore, and most of what we do get is the work of Blumhouse Productions.The Conjuring gave Warner Bros. it’s only little h