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New Found-Footage ‘Infrared’ Has “Humor, Tension and Scares”

Found-footage fans are getting a new movie in July called Infrared. This is coming from the production company Terror Films, the same people behind Hell House LLC.Greg Sestero of The Room fame makes an appearance in this supernatural haunter. A team of paranormal investigators are caught inside an a

iHorror Exclusive: McKenna Michels ‘Born to Die’ Music Video Release

iHorror has the great honor of sharing an exclusive first look at McKenna Michels’ new music video Born To Die.Directed by Nick Peterson, Born To Die is a hauntingly beautiful short film/music video. The macabre period piece, inspired by the 18th-century witch trials, pairs perfectly with the deep

Hocus Pocus 2 Trailer

Our favorite witchy sisters are back and now we have an official trailer from Disney! The highly anticipated sequel to the 1993 comedy will be released on the company’s streaming platform, Disney+, on Sept. 30.This Halloween Season, some legends never die!Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kath

Neve Campbell Rumored to Have Secretly Signed on for ‘Scream 6’

Neve Campbell is a hot button issue in the Scream franchise currently. The actress who has been in all of the Scream films, decided that she will not return for Scream 6, due to financial negotiations that didn’t value her enough. However, now there is a rumor going around from a source that says Ca

Fans Find Horror References in New Blumhouse Easter Egg-Heavy Motion Logo

The old Blumhouse motion logo has been retired and in its place is a new easter egg-filled intro says, Jason Blum.“Our new logo is a fun tribute to our Blumhouse films and television series, and I’m curious to see if our fans can spot all the hidden symbols we’ve included throughout,” Blum said in a

‘The Summoned’ Trailer Reveals a Hellish, Mysterious Therapy

The Summoned looks to be an invitation to a very twisted sort of therapy. A group of oddly tied together folks are all summoned to a new form of therapy that has one hell of a process.The trailer is very reminiscent to the ideas behind The Invitation. Of course, instead of having a dinner party, thi