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‘Ghostbusters 2020’ Wraps And Posts Photos

Who ya gonna call? Well, in this case you really wanna call Jason Reitman. Especially when it comes to directing the all new Ghostbusters film.In the latest bit of news out of the Ghostbusters camp, we see the very exciting news that ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ has wrapped principal photography, putting us

‘Final Destination 2’ Log Slice Becomes Reality

That awful traffic accident depicted in the film Final Destination 2 became reality for one motorist in Cohutta, Ga, on Friday October, 11.Officials say the driver escaped with only minor injuries when several logs from a logging truck pierced their SUV from stem to stern with its massively stacked

Horror Movie Drink Pairings for Your Halloween Party, PART ONE

We’re on the final countdown to Halloween, and I don’t know about you, but my own annual Halloween bash is going on this upcoming weekend. I’m a party host who likes to be prepared. I pick the drinks, food, atmosphere, and entertainment with particular care because I want it all to be perfect.At thi

‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Has Vin Diesel Out For Bloody Revenge

Vin Diesel is out for some serious revenge in the latest trailer for Bloodshot. With a bevy of action films under Diesel’s belt, this casting is pretty on par with what we expect from him.Bloodshot’s trailer is perfectly paired with Johnny Cash’s ‘Memories are Made of This.’ It sees a ex-soldier who

‘Zombieland 2’ Originally Planned to Reunite the Ghostbusters

While it didn’t quite blow away the box office, Zombieland: Double Tap proved to be quite the crowd-pleaser, at least for those who showed up. The sequel is arguably just as funny as the first film, and contains some absolutely awesome zombie kills.That said, as one might imagine, what was ultimatel

October Movie Marathon: Mixed Horror Movie Selections

Welcome back to our ongoing October movie marathon! This week’s horror movie theme is Grab Bag Week. Anything goes here.Chris FischerOctober Movie Marathon: Grab BagWhy Grab Bag Week? While we’ve already shared haunted house movies, slasher movies and 80s movies, this week is for films that may not

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Comes Up Short at the Box Office

Coming out the year before The Walking Dead juggernaut hit the airwaves, 2009’s Zombieland preceded the oversaturation of the undead in pop culture that we’ve only recently started to emerge from. Not that zombies should ever go away.Still, when the first Zombieland hit, Ruben Fleischer’s film was l

TADFF Review: ‘The Furies’ is a Brutal, Bloody, Battle Royale

From writer/director Tony D’Aquino, The Furies follows Kayla (Airlie Dodds, Killing Ground) as she wakes up alone, in a box, in the middle of the Australian outback. She soon discovers that she’s not as alone as she had initially thought — there are other young women all on the run from a collective

TADFF Interview: Tony D’Aquino on ‘The Furies’ and Practical Horror

The Furies is the sun-scorched feature film debut of Australian writer/director Tony D’Aquino. It’s a bloody little love letter to classic slasher films that uses brilliant practical effects while retiring some of the subgenre’s more problematic tropes.I had a chance to sit down with D’Aquino for To