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A Ride Share Gets Complicated in ‘Night Drive’ Trailer

Fantastic Fest showed Night Drive a little while back and it was a great experience. It is a little, indie, thriller built around a ride share. Best of all, it stars on of the best of all folks in the world, A.J. Bowen. The whole thing is a lot of fun and is a film that you can proudly add to your s

‘Karen’ Trailer Asks For the Manager and Horrifies With Entitlement

We all know one and have sure as hell seen on on social media. Karen’s owned the world throughout 2020. During Trump’s presidency, they seemed to be everywhere. Now, a horror movie has come along to scare you like no other. The trailer for BET’s Karen is here and Taryn Manning is already nailing the

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 6-22-21

Hey Tightwads! It’s time for another batch of free movies. So get ready…Dead Calm (1989), courtesy Warner Bros.Dead CalmDead Calm is about a couple that takes a sailing trip to forget about a personal tragedy. While out at sea, they encounter a sinking vessel…and the lone survivor of the tragedy.

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Teaser Takes Place 65 Million Years Ago

Jurassic Park Dominion’s new trailer has us very intrigued. It takes a surprising turn by taking us back 65 million years. It’s a completely different trailer than what we expected and we are very okay with that.It appears that folks that go to see Fast and the Furious’ ninth outing in IMAX, will ge

Dexter’s New Teaser Hints at the Return of His Son Harrision

Well, Dexter’s revival gave us a heck of a hint on Father’s Day. They post a very short teaser blip of what could be a big sign that Dexter’s son Harrison is going to be return to the new season. It might be very bad news for Dexter.The short blip of a teaser reveals a fire crackling, with a sudden